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Kisa Primary School: Raising Chickens to pay for Learning
Kisa Primary School Capital Improvements

Kisa Primary School has about 300 day students and 100 Boarding students on a small campus in Nansana, a market center on Hoima Road 7 km from Kampala. Nearly half the students are on full or partial scholarships financed by fees from other students and donations. Kisa is highly regarded academically, and consistently ranks among the top schools nationwide in the annual Primary Leaving Exam.

It is estimated there are 3-5000 orphans or children in single parent families in Nansana who can't afford school fees. Kisa would like to accept more of these children, but doesn't have the space or finances to care for them. Long term plans for the school include building new dormitories and classrooms at a cost of about $50,000. In the short term, improved water supplies are a crucial need. Current plans include expanding the rainwater collection and storage system to all school buildings, a $20,000 project.

In 2010, Kisa PS started a farm on five acres of land about 5 Km west of nansana. When fully developed the farm will provide eggs, meat, milk and vegetables for school menus. But right now the focus producing eggs for local markets. With a bank loan co-signed by a supporter in Uganda, we have built built chicken coops, water supplies and bought the first batch of chicks.

When fully operational, the project is expected to house 5,000 chickens producing eggs and meat that will bring in gross income of 22.5 million Uganda Shillings per month, yielding net profits of about 5 million shillings/month. This money will be used for Kisa school operations and expansion. The additional income will permit the school to double its capacity over the next five years.

Now additional loan of $5000 is needed to buy chicks, to fill the newly constructed coops and increase egg-laying capacity.

Additional benefits of the chicken project are:

Kisa students will receive training in poultry husbandry, marketing and adminstration that will prepare them for jobs after graduation.

Chicken manure will be applied to crop land to improve output.

Some of the meat and eggs will be used by Kisa School to improve the students' nutrition.

Our Goal: KFUSA wants to raise $5000 in 2010 to support Kisa Farm.
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