Kisa Foundation USA

Nansanet: An online community newspaper for Nansana, Uganda
We are partnering with Kiyita Family Alliance (KIFAD)to start an online community newspaper in Nansana. There are lots of national newspapers and radio and TV stations in Uganda, but very few locally oriented media that report on local issues.
Kisa Primary School Rainwater Project
Help us expand our backup water system to improve health and safety on our campus.
Small Business Loan Program
Micro-loans have helped start and enlarge small community businesses.
Uganda Art Consortium
A group of Ugandan artists uses money from sale of their artwork to finance art therapy for HIV-AIDS patients and workshops for poor children.
Kisa Primary School: Raising Chickens to pay for Learning
A Uganda school turns to chicken farming to raise money to expand its ability to care for and educate orphans and children from poor families.
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