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LC1 Chairman says people are facing tough times
Anthony Mayambala has held office for 15 years
December 19, 2012
Lack of jobs is the biggest problem facing the people of Nansana right now according to Anthony Mayambala, Chairman LC1 Nansana East Two. “Many people in my district sleep with an empty stomach, especially in the times when the prices of food crops shoot high,” he added.

Mayamba said lack of water is another big problem in Nansana East Two where over 10,000 people use one well. “During rainy season at least people can harvest water because the government gave us rain water harvesting tanks.

Over 10,000 people use this well in in Nansana East Two.
But in ordinary weather, everybody has to go to the well”. Mayambala said. The LC1 Chairman said the water shortage is affecting education. “Imagine one goes to the well in the morning and comes back at 1pm. This means some school children often fail to attend classes in sunny season because they have to go get water for their family."

Rent has also become another bottleneck to many people of Nansana, Mayambala explained. Only 30% have their own houses. Everyone else pays rent. “Many of the cases I have to deal with as Chairman involve landlords complaining of the tenants failure to pay because they don’t have the money.”

Mayambala says there is more development in Nansana in 2012 compared to past years because many schools both private and government have been built, many tertiary institutions are now coming up, and some nice looking office buildings and hotels are now in place.He says more development is needed, especially income generating projects to create jobs for young people. He worries that “Many young men in Nansana have resorted to the boda-boda business of which cannot generate them enough income to sustain their family’s basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing.”

Despite the increase in development in the area, Mayambala points out that Nansana still lacks a communication network like a radio station or a television where people can express their views, put adverts or announcements. “This is a big challenge to many people who own businesses in the area and want to advertise locally, but there is no place to advertise. This problem may possibly lead them to vacate Nansana in the near future and look for other places where they can access communication services”. Mayambala said.

As Chairman, Mayambala is often called upon to mediate disputes between residents. Some of the most common cases he receives in his office include domestic violence, land wrangles, family neglect and once in a while theft cases.

Anthony Mayambala, Nansana LC1 East 2 Chairman.
Mayambala thinks Nansana has also developed spiritually where born-again churches have widely replaced many of the pagan shrines in the area. “Unlike past days where people would go to witch doctors for healing, these days they instead go to churches to seek God’s deliverance," he added. Anthony Mayambala was born in 1961 in the family of Paul and Emphras Ntenge of Mazinda Nsangi which was then Mpigi district, but is now Wakiso. He started his primary school in 1969 at Nansana St. Steven Primary School until 1975 when he completed primary seven.He later went to Lubiri Secondary School for O level from 1976-1979 and later joined Caltec Academy Makerere for A level in 1980-1982. In 1983 -1985, he went to the Institute of Accountant and Commerce of Uganda for a diploma in Business Studies He worked with the Uganda Red Cross Society from 1982-1985 and between 1988-1995 he worked with the United Garments Industry Limited (UGIL). He married Joyce Mayambala on December 30, 1990 and they are blessed with three children of years 21, 17 and 15. Their first-born is a second year at Makerere University, second-born in senior five and the youngest is in senior three.

Mayambala is proud of his work as LC1 Chairman. But he doesn’t take the credit for himself. “I thank God for the wisdom he has given me to lead His people diligently."

Asked whether he intends to stand again, Mayambala confidently said, “there is no reason why I shouldn’t stand again. See God gave me wisdom to lead His people so how can I fail to do that? The sky is the limit!”

In his leisure time Anthony says, “I like gardening, I watch TV, read newspaper and I support the Uganda Cranes team 100%."

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