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KFUSA is a non-profit organization helping schools and individuals with loans & donations in Uganda.
Our Mission: Improving health, education, the arts and community media in Uganda.

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Kisa Primary School starts tailoring project
Text: Kisa Primary School is setting up tailoring classes for its students "To better prepare our kids for jobs when they leave school," according to school director Irene Kibuuka. The first sewing machine for the classes was purchased with... Continues...
Ugandan Artist Invited to U.S.
Noted Ugandan artist and media producer Mukwaya Mayanja Yusufu has been invited to the U.S. by Kisa Foundation to execute a mural for a client in Greenfield CA. Mukwaya is an accomplished artist, well known in Uganda through his work in the... Continues...
Namungoona Children's Art Center is on TV
The Art Center was featured on Deal TV Africa in a half-hour interview with Center Director James Nsamba. Nsamba said that the Art Center has enriched the lives of thousands of children since it was founded in 2007.

Watch the interview... Continues...
Now there's clean water in Nansana Neighborhood
From Edward Muguluma
July 31, 2021

The local well in our neighborhood in Nansana near Kisa School was a mess. It was an open water source shared by both humans and animals such as cows and goats. It had been contaminated with the... Continues...
Diego's family struggles against enormous odds
Recently, several friends of Kisa Foundation and Namungona Childrens Art Center donated $300 to help Diego Mweze, a 15 year old student at the center. Diego and his family are refugees from Congo, which they fled during civil war over 5... Continues...

Readers' Updates

Tom Herriman 21-Mar-2019
Kisa Primary School now has cleaner water. Happy to report that new water system is operational at Kisa School. (From January 2019)
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