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Nansanet: Building Community Journalism in Nansana, Uganda
The original group of volunteers who started
planning the Nansanet project in 2012.

Nansanet is our project to build an online, interactive news source for the Nansana community. As a start, we have opened a Facebook group with over 1600 members, and more joining every day, where people throughout the town are invited to post comments, stories and and ideas. Volunteer Emily Kembabazi is administering the group, with support from Kisa Foundation USA and Kiyita Family in the project. Kisa Foundation USA has donated funds, laptops, cameras and editorial assistance to help get things started. Clark Internet Inc. of Mill Creek, Washington, will donate a completely functioning news website when we are ready to go online. We're in the process of raising funds for this exciting adventure in community journalism. (You can help!

Photo of Emily Kembabazi in academic gown with flowers.
Emily Kembabazi is an eager Nansanet volunteer who recently graduated from UMCAT School of Journalism. She is writing stories and administering the Nansanet Facebook group page.

Photos from recent Kisa Foundation projects

Our Mission: Improving health, education, the arts and community media in Uganda

KFUSA is a non-profit organization in Washington DC making loans and donations to individuals and schools in Uganda.

Peter Kibanyi's project connects prisoners and art
Peter Kibanyi, KFUSA Treasurer has started a new project to recognize and publicize artwork created by inmates in U.S. jails and prisons. The project, was recently profiled in Huffington Post, an online news service.

1HeartArt raises funds for former inmates pursuing art, as well as for students whose parents are serving time in prison. They also offer a penpal program inviting anyone to write a letter and form a connection with an aspiring 1HeartArt artist.

1HeartArt is also sponsoring an art contest with the public as judges of the artwork. To see some of the artwork, check out the Huffington Post article, or go to the website.

Photo, "Jazz" by Darrion Harris. 03 Oct 2014

KIFAD Workshop
We held a two-day bead-making and painting workshop for about 75 young people at Kiyita Family Alliance (KIFAD) in Nansana August 23-24. James Nsamba, Farouk Mukwaya and Peter Kalyongo were the teachers. The colorful beads are made from narrow strips cut from pages of discarded magazines. The strips are rolled up, then glued and varnished. Glue can be made from banana skins. The kids also created a large acrylic-on-canvas painting. 24 Aug 2012

Children's Art Exhibition at Georgetown University
Uganda Art Consortium has joined with the Art in Kibera Project to host an exhibition of art by Ugandan and Kenyan children. The Exhibition will be held at Georgetown University in Washington DC in the Inter Cultural Center Galleria Sept. 29th-30th and October 3rd-4th from 9AM to 9 PM.. Georgetown Associate Vice President Charles De Santis and Margaret Halpin, Dean in the School of Foreign Service conduct art classes for children every summer in the Art in Kibera program in Nairobi Kenya. From Uganda, artwork from UAC's free kids art workshops at Sanyuko Ministries will also be on display. The show which is sponsored by the Georgetown African Interests Network, which will hold a reception Sept. 28 to open the exhibition and celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the group. 27 Sep 2011

Kisa School Uses 5,000 liters of Water Every Day
Bathing, washing clothes and dishes, cooking and drinking for 400 kids plus about 50 staff people uses an enormous amount of water..about 5,000 liters a day. Kisa School depends on the municipal water supply for much of its needs, but the water, like the electric power is sporadic, and the pipes don't always flow. About 5 years ago, we installed a rainwater collection and storage system on the roofs of the main house and part of the main classroom building. This lets us collect and store about 15,000 liters, a three day supply. When we run out, we have to hire men with bicycles to haul water in jerrycans. We could save a lot of money if we could store more rainwater. So we are starting a fund-raising campaign to help us expand our rooftop water system. For $5,000 we can double our capacity and ease our dependence on hauling water. 18 Aug 2011

Photos of kids' painting workshop
In another art workshop at Kisa Primary School in April, children created a large oil painting based on the sketches and ideas of over 2 dozen children. We'll bring back the painting on our next rip to Uganda, and plan to display it in the U.S. later this year. 21 Apr 2011

Recently in Nansanet

Light the World church drives out the demons
By Emily Kembabazi
From 20 members in 2003, LTW Church is now 6,000 strong
Cassava vendor raises 6 children by herself
By Chance Katusiime
Christine Namutebi is struggling to provide for her daughter and five grandchildren.
Her chickens helped put her kids through school
Single mom in Nansana Zaina Nakiryowa raises chickens in her backyard to help provide for her family.
LC1 Chairman says people are facing tough times
By Emily Kembabazi, photos by Emily Kembabazi
Lack of jobs and lack of water are the biggest problems in Nansana East Two, where over 10,000 people use one well, according to local commission chairman Anthony Mayambala.
One-time banana peddler now owns a chain of six butcheries
Business Profile: Nansana businessman Nathan Ssentongo has built a thriving meat and housing business in just a few years after starting out as roadside banana peddler.
Nansana News Blog features community news from Nansana, Uganda written by reporters and interns from Kisa Foundation USA’s Nansanet Project. Nansanet will soon be launched as a community news website serving the people of our town. Read more about Nansanet here. While we are still in the process of building the website and developing our organization, several journalism interns are already at work. They have been busy learning about the community and writing stories about the people, issues and institutions that make up our town. Following are some of those stories. (More about Nansanet)

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