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Kisa School Uses 5,000 liters of Water Every Day
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Bathing, washing clothes and dishes, cooking and drinking for 400 kids plus about 50 staff people uses an enormous amount of water..about 5,000 liters a day. Kisa School depends on the municipal water supply for much of its needs, but the water, like the electric power is sporadic, and the pipes don't always flow. About 5 years ago, we installed a rainwater collection and storage system on the roofs of the main house and part of the main classroom building. This lets us collect and store about 15,000 liters, a three day supply. When we run out, we have to hire men with bicycles to haul water in jerrycans. We could save a lot of money if we could store more rainwater. So we are starting a fund-raising campaign to help us expand our rooftop water system. For $5,000 we can double our capacity and ease our dependence on hauling water.

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