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Nansanet: An online community newspaper for Nansana, Uganda
March 21, 2019
We are partnering with Kiyita Family Alliance (KIFAD)to start an online community newspaper in Nansana. There are lots of national newspapers and radio and TV stations in Uganda, but very few locally oriented media that report on local issues and activities including local government, education, business, education and health. Nansanet would fill this need with a participatory, interactive news site that could involve Nansana residents of all ages. The news gathering process would encourage citizen-journalists who could report from their own communities, on issues important to them. KIFAD is looking forward to having a local news medium to spread public health information including advice and support for families facing the challenges of HIV-AIDS. We are currently seeking funding from a variety of sources, and hope to be operational in late 2012. The steering committee for the project includes Bob Bongole, KIFAD Programme Manager; John Kibuuka, a web developer in Kampala; Benjamin Lutaya, a web designer;and Tom Herriman, Kisa Foundation USA Executive Director.

You can read a more detailed proposal here.
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