Kisa Foundation USA
Kisa Primary School Rainwater Project
Clean water is an increasingly scarce commodity in Africa. Drought, pollution, and growing demand from a growing population have all served to stretch existing supplies to exhaustion.

In Nansana where we are located, about 7 km from Kampala, the piped-in municipal water is sporadic and unreliable. When city pipes are dry, the school must hire bicycle messengers to transfer water in plastic jerrycans from the public tap about a mile away. That cost
about 30,000 shillings a day, comes out of the food budget.

We have a rainwater collection system on three of our school buildings. Water flows off the roofs into gutters and then to holding tanks. When all the tanks are full, that gives us 15,000 litres of water
a three-day supply for washing, cooking and bathing for about 400 kids and the staff..

We could double our rainwater storage and collection system by adding gutters and tanks to our other school buildings, thus saving millions of shillings every year, and helping maintain health and sanitation standards.

The cost for this project is about $5000.


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